The New Zealand dairy farmer has a vast amount of literature available to them. So why would they pay for a subscription to Milklines?

  • Milklines looks ahead, focusing on the issues farmers are about to confront. It doesn’t report history.
  • Articles are written from a consultant’s perspective – what is the consultant seeing, what is the consultant recommending?
  • The 8 to 10 page monthly bulletin has a strong technical focus with material you wouldn’t normally find in the free “rags”.
  • Each issue comes with a two page situation report that looks at the feed situation around the lower North and South Island. There is also a schedule of livestock values and feed prices.
  • Advertising is limited to farmer only insertions, so readers don’t have to wade through an acre of advertisements.
  • Milklines can be delivered as an email (pdf) or by post.

You can see a sample issue of Milkines by clicking the following link: 

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Subscription fees are revised in January of each year, for 2024 its:

  • Email: $250 including GST
  • Postal: $300 including GST
  • Bulk subscription for multiple email addressees: $700 including GST
  • Corporate subscription $1212.50 including GST

To subscribe to Milklines either click here or contact Sheryn on (06) 370 6880.

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