We believe that timely, informative and easy-to-read information, and the use of that information, is what sets great farmers apart. Information that addresses the challenges facing farmers every day, and provides solutions by filtering out all the “noise”. In some cases it’s just about reinforcing messages that are already out there, but connecting it to business people who are doing great things. It’s important that the message is easy to read and digest. Familiar, succinct language with a good touch of humour, has proven to be a formula that works with farmers.

The “AgLetter” has been doing this job for 30 years. It has moved with the times and chronicled the trials and tribulations of sheep, beef and deer farming since 1986.

We believe that the management tips and analysis that we provide is the fuel for good business decisions, along with market price information from around the country and around the world. Some of the best jokes you’ll ever read appear in the AgLetter every week.

Make AgLetter part of your team.

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