About BakerAg

At BakerAg, we are passionate agricultural farm consultants and rural valuers, we inspire agriculture by empowering farmers to grow and innovate through exceptional services, collaboration, and a forward thinking approach.


Our journey began in 1986 when co-founders David Baker and Chris Garland envisioned a brighter future for farmers.

Together with their clients and industry professionals they embarked on a mission to challenge conventional farming practices, embrace novel thinking, and promote the adoption of new technologies. Together, they fostered a culture of collaboration, where knowledge and experiences were shared through field days, discussion groups, publications and financial benchmarking analysis.

Central to the BakerAg culture, was to encourage open and transparent financial disclosure, providing a "no holds barred" yet constructive approach to help our members achieve optimal solutions for their farming businesses. We drove productivity gains, elevated financial performance, and promoted accountability, all while fostering strong community support.


Today, our purpose remains unchanged: to inspire agriculture and empower our clients to thrive and innovate. We achieve this by offering independent information, comprehensive analysis, education, and training. BakerAg serves as a trusted sounding board, facilitator, and organiser, while also providing coaching and mentoring services to our clients.

As staunch advocates of progress, we actively encourage the adoption of new technologies, pushing the boundaries and encouraging productive gains. We are also committed to advocating for policy change and are not afraid to speak out for the agricultural community.

Our dedication to progress extends beyond individual efforts. We foster a spirit of collaboration and actively seek partnerships among stakeholders to drive collective growth, support and advancement of the greater agricultural community.


At BakerAg, we are committed to making a lasting positive impact on the agricultural industry, ensuring a prosperous future for generations to come.

Let's inspire agriculture together.