Rachel Joblin

Rachel graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1997 and spent time travelling overseas, then working in the fertiliser and animal health service industries prior to Consulting. Her and her partner own a 890ha sheep and beef breeding and finishing property so she has first hand experience in the industry.

Rachel enjoys supporting farmers to plan and create a business that meets their financial, environmental and personal expectations.

Outside of work she enjoys supporting her children in their chosen sports, horse trekking, or spending time in her garden or on-farm.

Tim Abbiss


Tim joined the BakerAg Team in July 2021 after two years farming experience in a Manawatu livestock finishing and cash cropping system.

Tim Graduated Lincoln University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture), where he also gained experience in a Sheep and Beef breeding and finishing system as well as a Dairy system. With experience in trading/finishing and forage/cash cropping operations, Tim looks forward to developing his knowledge base and immersing himself in the industry.

Grace Crook

Grace is now back from parental leave and working Mondays and Tuesdays.

Grace graduated Lincoln University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) and re-joined the BakerAg team in March 2019, after working on several arable and pastoral farms in Scotland and Western Australia.

Grace enjoys working with farmers to better understand their farming system, both physical and financial and to help them work towards a sustainable system. She is passionate about providing ongoing support to farmers as they navigate through complex environmental policies.

Hannah French

Hannah is now back from parental leave and working Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays – you can contact her at hannah@bakerag.co.nz 

Hannah joined the BakerAg team in Masterton as a Sheep and Beef consultant in 2018.

Her previous roles in Pamu’s Central North Island Livestock and Development teams have given her a good grounding and base skillset in farm systems modelling, financial budgeting, coaching and leadership. Her experience ranges from large scale breeding properties to intensive finishing operations.

Ed Harrison


Ed joined BakerAg in October 2017 and is based out of the Masterton office. He brings with him eight years of management and leadership experience in the agribusiness sector with a background in corporate farming. 

In his previous role he was responsible for the implementation of both the strategic plan and operational performance of Landcorp's Northern South Island business, covering a range of farm systems from high country stations to intensive finishing properties. This has given him an extensive background in managing large businesses, farm supervision and governance requirements.

Gary Massicks

Experienced farm consultant, Gary Massicks, is part of the BakerAg team in Manawatu, bringing a new focus on sheep and beef consultancy.

Gary, has a strong background in consultancy and the fertiliser service industry.

Gary particularly enjoys the challenge of working with family farming businesses. “Sitting down with people, working out where they need to go, what they want to achieve and working with them for better results and outcomes. I enjoy the challenge of different generations and individuals and getting them to work together to achieve their goals.”

Sully Alsop

Sully is currently on sabbatical and any queries for him should be directed to team@bakerag.co.nz 



Farm Management Consultant

Sully joined BakerAg in 2006 and was a director and shareholder of the firm from 2013- 2022.

Sully is experienced in farm systems planning, financial benchmarking and budgeting, and strategic business management.

Sully now runs his own sheep and beef farming business in the Wairarapa, but a valuable resource to our team for special projects.

Specialist Areas: 

Management consultancy in the sheep, beef and deer sectors