Ministry for Primary Industries Register for Safe Practice

As part of the measures being taken to restrict the movement of people in the next 4 weeks as New Zealand moves to Level 4 in the battle against the spread of COVID-19, the Government and MPI have taken the following steps

  1. The primary industries have been included on the list of essential services.
  2. MPI needs assurances from industries and businesses in the primary industries that their processes protect workers and the public by limiting interactions and reducing the potential spread of COVID-19.

Note this second step does not state which industries and organisations are essential, only that if you are, or think you are, part of the primary industries that you need to register.

However, before leaping to register, there are a couple of simple questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have 5 or fewer people (including the owner) working at each business site?
  2. Can you achieve social distancing measures between staff in your workplace, including travelling to and from work?

If you answer YES to both of those questions, then you do not need to register and do not need to fill in the form.

If you answered NO to either of these questions, you MUST fill in the form.

If in doubt, fill in the form. 

If you need to access the form you can do so at

If you have further questions please go to the same link above to access a series of FAQ’s.

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