BakerAg 2017/18 Financial Analysis Benchmarking (FAB)


Invitation to Participate 

The BakerAg Financial Analysis Benchmarking (FAB) service has been used for farm business comparison of sheep and beef farms across New Zealand for over 35 years. It has proven the test of time and provided hundreds of farm businesses with the knowledge required to improve business direction and performance.

Benchmarking allows you to compare your farm’s results against those of your peers within the industry. Simply put, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. It also provides you with a competitive edge as it creates an awareness of your performance relative to others and identifies opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking is the cornerstone of business improvement and development, both through good times and bad.

The BakerAg FAB service is accurate, credible and measurable against other comparable farms in your farming class. You provide the facts from which we establish KPIs to allow you to benchmark your farm against other comparable farms.


Why Benchmark using FAB?

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) carried out in-depth interviews with top farmers and found a range of key attributes. One consistent attribute was regular benchmarking and record keeping, to measure and monitor success.

FAB helps our clients:

- Know where their business performance lies compared to comparable farms.

- Know what they do better than most.

- Know what their weaknesses are.

- Identify opportunities to improve – Shine a light into the dark corners.

- Understand what is driving the top 25% of farm businesses.

- Use the results to celebrate success with the team members.

- Develop key production and financial KPIs for their business plans.

- For those too old to play sports, they can still satisfy their competitive streak by trying to be in the top 25% every year.

- The data is accurate, credible and measurable against other comparable farms in your farming class.

  (No more ‘pub lambing percentages’, or annual accounts that include hogget lambs with an inflated lambing %)!


What will it cost?

The cost of having one year’s analysis completed and receiving the FAB booklet (which contains all farms’ benchmarking data and your customised reports), is $200 excl GST, plus $125/hr for any time over 2 hours that it takes to process your data.

The cost of 2-3 years analysis would be $300 excl GST plus $125/hr excl GST for any time over 3 hours that it takes to process that data. You will also receive the FAB annual report booklet (which contains all farms’ benchmarking data and your customised reports).

If you want to provide your farm’s data and not receive anything in return, the first 3 hours data processing is free. Time over and above this will be invoiced at $125/hr excl GST.

If you don’t have data to contribute but wish to receive a FAB booklet (contains benchmarking data only) the cost will be $450 excl. GST per booklet.

If you haven’t participated before, we invite you, obligation free, to contact us:

Email, Richmond, Kirsty or Chris by phoning 06 370 6880.


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